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How we do management consulting

At Leading.Zone, we believe in the collaborative management consulting approach. We go beyond the role of advisors to propose business management solutions and help your associates in the implementation phase, working side by side with your management team, reducing the cycle time and accelerating monetization. Here's  a list of consulting services we can provide:

Situational management

We can help companies of different sizes and segments, appying situational leadership and customizing plans according to the moment your business is facing - expansion, crisis management, a start-up needing to establish business processes or a mature operation in desperate need of restructuring

Human capital management

By leveraging the greatest practices adopted by companies chosen as best employers, we can help your business find the right balance between team motivation, positive aggressiveness and corporate diplomacy to pursue business goals, leading to sustainable growth for the company and employees.

We also provide leadership management services through professional mentoring, driving recommended practices of talent development and succession management

Diversity and inclusion

Leading.Zone can help you promote diversity and inclusion not just as a mandatory strategy, but also as an excellent way to value and develop your company's talents, enhancing organizational climate at the same time your business acquires market skills representation through a diverse group of leaders and individual contributors 

Management system

With no ties with any particular business management software solutions, we can help your company implement the right KPIs reflecting strategy, tactical execution and day-to-day operations. We can also help you with defining and implementing the most productive management and mentoring sessions between leaders and individual contributors to get the most out of the existing resources in pursuit of daily goals

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