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Data & Analytics Consulting


Daniela Castellain
Founder and Business Intelligence Consultant

Daniela has been working in tech for more than 10 years. She is an expert in data analytics and has been developing international projects where business intelligence is an essential element. She is also a startups mentor at InovAtiva Brasil 


Mentoring session to optimize your Linked-in profile

We will analyze your current Linked-in profile and make it more competitive and aligned to your purpose, based on the algorithm of the most important professional network. So, if you are looking for another job or just trying to expand your network and personal brand, this is the mentoring you need! 

We will create an e-Book for you with several recommendations to get the most out of Linked-in, including your profile, content generation, and enhanced search methods in that platform.


Driven4Data mentoring session

This mentoring session has been designed to help professionals and leaders that have a basic knowledge of analytics but still need specific guidance as to develop solutions for their companies. 

The mentoring sessions will include one of the topics below, depending on your need: 

  • Market intelligence: the internal data of your company is our main focus here. We will also analyze the maturity of your company, the BI tools utilized for data analysis and how develop insights from that analysis 

  • Competitive intelligence: in this case, the external data and your competition will be our key priorities. How to put together a market study, identify your SWOT and how to create insights to identify and further develop business opportunities, are some of the outputs 


Driven4Data mentoring program

This program targets those professionals who need support in developing a deeper analytics culture, leveraging data to make the best and most sustainable decisions. Our key pilars will be: 

  1. Agile culture

  2. Data-driven culture

  3. Competitive intelligence 

  4. Market intelligence 

Trial offering: try our Driven4Data mentoring program, no strings attached!

We will offer you a trial that includes 2 free mentoring sessions (1 hour each), with no obligation to purchase our program. Here's the agenda of this trial offering:

Session 1: identification of your company's analytics index 
Session 2: how competitive/market intelligence can support your decision-making process 

This is the proposed agenda for the 10 sessions of the Driven4Data mentoring program:

Our program has been customized with 10 mentoring sessions to help you develop an analytics-driven culture, leveraging data as the central source to build your best decisions to an innovative future 

Session 1: Culture: agile and data-driven

  • Data-driven culture 

  • Agile methodology for data-driven projects 

Session 2: Market intelligence 

  • Business understanding / KPIs  

  • Data selection  

Session 3: Market intelligence  

  • Data preparation/readiness  

  • Dashboard creation tools  

Session 4: Market intelligence  

  • Tracking of market intelligence activities 

Session 5: Competitive intelligence 

  • Preliminary analysis  

  • SWOT analysis

Session 6: Competitive intelligence  

  • Tracking of competitive intelligence activities 

Session 7: Competitive intelligence

  • Market study

Session 8: Competitive intelligence

  • Tracking of competitive intelligence activities  

Session 9: Competitive intelligence  

  • Data consolidation and presentation  

Session 10: Insights to support the decision-making process  

  • Analyze results obtained from the competitive x market intelligence in order to identify insights to support decisions (communication channel, persona, pricing and others) 


The marketplace that helps individuals and companies to lead their destiny

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