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L2T2 - Long live the transformers

This is your prework page

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L2T2 - Long live the transformers

Your first step is to  learn more about the L2T2 program and how it can help you further develop your leadership

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Our main goal with L2T2 is to help you become a life-long transformer by enhancing your competencies of planning, learning, leading and delivering transformation as a natural process of human and corporate development to generate steady growth. When you become a life-long transformer you improve your ability to inspire and influence your stakeholders with far less efforts and way more sustainability.

Check out the L2T2 stages and their respective content in the following slide show:

Stage 1: Doing prework activities

Complete your self-assessment

Select stakeholders to respond to a 360-degree survey about your leadership

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Your second step is to complete a self-assessment until January 20, 2023

As part of the L2T2 executive development program you will complete a self-assessment which contains the following sections:

1 - Your personal identification

2 - Your self-assessment on 5 leadership competencies

3 - Your self-assessment on talents and behaviors including suggestions to keep/start/stop

4 - You will inform 10 names and e-mails of stakeholders to respond to a 360-degree survey on your leadership competencies, talents and behaviors. When choosing the stakeholders, please consider a well balanced mix that includes those who work with you on a regular basis like subordinates, peers, superiors, internal customers and others. It is also important to review this list with your leader

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Create yourself, your image concept. Attractive young woman drawing a picture, sketch of h

Your third step is to schedule the feedback session of your
360-degree survey until January 27, 2023 


The date above is your deadline to choose day and time to receive feedback of the 360-degree survey. Since we have a very tight schedule to run the L2T2 program, we ask for your support to comply with the deadline

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Your fourth step is to get ready to actively engage in our discussions as group sessions start in the week of January 23, 2023

Do you have any questions or comments?

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