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What's mentoring?

Mentoring is an exchange of knowledge between professionals and one of them has more experience in certain topics, having faced multiple situations when mistakes were committed or success was achieved - but essentially lessons were learned and can be shared in an adequate fashion. Mentoring can help with your career development and also assist with difficult decisions you are supposed to make in your daily professional life.

Here at Leading.Zone, we can offer you the following mentoring experiences:

Professional mentoring programs

Our structured mentoring programs have been designed for professionals from different backgrounds, experiences and career levels, helping you plan and manage your career by developing your personal branding, leveraging strengths and reducing vulnerabilities. We will focus on planning your career emergency exits - something professionals will need at some point in time. Other relevant topics concerning your successful development will be covered, such as ethics, diversity & inclusion, stakeholder management, cross-generation collaboration and entrepreneurship. We treasure communication as a powerful ability to overcome your challenges, so there will be a lot of focus on this area as well, including social media communication sessions with a subject-matter expert. Learn more: you just have to click the button on the left side of the text  

Ad hoc mentoring sessions

Ad hoc sessions are meant to help professionals who do not wish to engage in a longer mentoring program, but need assistance with specific topics instead - such as a career choice or a business decision. Those one-time sessions can be scheduled as many times as needed by clicking the "book now" button. We take credit card payments for your convenience 

Volunteer mentoring

(no cost)

We have made a commitment to dedicate 10% of the time to volunteer mentoring sessions, which equates to 16 professionals per month, ensuring two free conversations for each one within 30 days. Additional sessions may be negotiated but are not guaranteed. Requests will be approved and will be accommodated at the next available time slot specifically allocated for this program. The volunteer mentoring sessions will cover professionals in two different moments of their career, as follows:

Career transition

Coming soon!

Professionals facing a career transition process, meaning that they lost the job and are searching for new opportunities. We are committed to support those professionals to get ready for their next employment opportunity by helping them plan their goals - may be a new corporate job or a personal ambition to create their own business. We will help them be more successful during interview process or an investment pitch, leveraging their full potential. This is not an outplacement service, but a preparation to be more successful in the search process

Young professionals

Coming soon!

Professionals born from 1993 on, who are in their first steps of a business career are entitled to this volunteer mentoring program. We will work on planning and management aspects of their career, helping them find their main professional goals, leveraging their personal branding, strengthening their abilities and focusing on eliminating skill gaps. We will also work on career emergency exits. 

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