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High value solutions for companies and individuals

Vania Biazolli

Reach new
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Vania Biazolli
Consultant and Mentor,
Leading.Zone Marketplace

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Motivated by a strong desire to share knowledge and experiences over three decades working in multicultural environments across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, India, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Costa Rica,


my purpose is to empower individuals
and organizations to reach new heights

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Here's more on how Vania Biazolli has been helping companies to succeed

As Executive Director at IBM, Vania helped to enhance operating effectiveness in strategic human resources planning and client engagement in the service business

...and what business colleagues have said about their experiences with Vania Biazolli

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Vania has always been recognized for her leadership and interpersonal skills bringing teams together to achieve successful business outcomes

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Scott Schorno

Director, Global Experience Relationship Manager at Kyndryl


Vania Biazolli offers the following services for companies and individuals

Leadership Development

Mentoring sessions to help professionals make their best decisions regarding career or business challenges


Leadership development programs that combine multiple resources for leaders to deliver results and inspire their stakeholders simultaneously 

Management consulting

xxxx Workforce management, 


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