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My name is Marcelo Medeiros, I have a career of over 30 years in the technology sector, where I held executive leadership positions in companies such as Dell, IBM, Lenovo and Ingram Micro. I also had the opportunity to provide business and management consulting to small and medium businesses (click the Linked-in icon above to learn more about my career).

In this new project, Leading.Zone, I intend to give back and share some of my learning experiences to the business community, basically in two different ways:

First, through volunteer mentoring, at no cost, helping young professionals in their first steps in the corporate world. I will do the same to help colleagues in career transition, who are looking for a job. 

The second way is really expanding the access of professionals and companies to specific services such as career mentoring, management consulting and leadership development, all with the best cost-benefits in the market. 

Learn more about our services in the home page of this website or clicking the options "Consulting" and "Mentoring" in the menu.

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